Thursday, 30 June 2016 13:10

About Us

Stoddart Design and Print is a family run design and print business based in Newton Mearns on the south side of Glasgow. We design and print a wide range of promotional materials and products for a variety of businesses and organisations.

We have worked in the graphic design and print industry for well over 30 years now and so have a wealth of experience on both designing for print and on choosing the best form of print for a particular project or product, including digital, litho, large format or dye - sublimation.

Stoddart Design and Print is managed by husband and wife partnership Keith and Margaret.

About Keith 

Keith is our Creative Partner who has vast experience in all aspects of design work as well as image manipulation and photo editing. He also has a huge knowledge of the print industry and so can advise on the best method of print for any particular project.

Keith was born in the North of England and moved to Scotland in his early twenties and it has been his home ever since. Despite that, he still hasn’t lost his Geordie twang nor picked up a Scottish accent either!

In his spare time Keith can be found pottering about in the garden where he grows fruit and veg (and flowers and plants too) and is extremely proud of the pond he built there. He likes to cook and to complement that enjoys making his own wine and beer, although he probably enjoys sampling it even more! Keith also likes the odd strum on his guitar and is a huge Auf Wiedersehen Pet fan, an old TV series about a gang of builders, that inspires him to sing the theme tune whenever he sees any builders!

About Margaret 

Glasgow born and bred, Margaret is our Admin Partner who handles all the administration tasks that are involved in running a family business as well as assisting Keith on various aspects of the design and print services.

In her spare time Margaret can also be found in the garden but leaves the growing side of things to Keith whilst she does the weeding - very therapeutic! She also loves to cook and makes lots of jams and pickles from the copious amounts of rhubarb and other fruits harvested from the garden. At the weekend Margaret enjoys nothing better than drinking the odd glass or two of Keith’s homemade Chardonnay!

About The Studio 

We have two studios, one for design and one for printing. The design office is where our Apple Mac computers live and has some lovely pics of our work on the walls as well as some samples of our printed work for you to have a look at. Our print studio houses our digital printing press and other associated equipment.

If you’d like to discuss your design or print project then pop in and see us during studio opening hours - you’ll get a cuppa and a biscuit too!